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Tree Contractors and Landscaping Insurance

Trees can beautify and add value to a property. Without proper, periodic care, however, a tree can degrade until it affects a property’s appeal. It can even become a safety hazard.

Commercial and residential customers alike look to professional tree contractors and landscapers to help maintain their trees’ vitality. Those professionals in turn need good tree contractors insurance to protect their potential liabilities as well as their investment in their work.

Hometowne Insurance specializes in tree company insurance for a wide range of tree services including brush chipping and stump grinding; tree trimming and pruning; tree removal; municipal tree care; hardscaping; and pest management.

Why Tree Service Insurance Matters

Companies, organizations and homeowners who hire a tree service take on great risk if the contractor isn’t fully insured and bonded. Just a few of those customer risks can be property damage; injury caused by negligence, equipment or toxic substances; and exposure to advice or information that leads to a loss.

Additional risks to your business can include loss, damage or theft to your onsite commercial property; an employee illness contracted at the site; and any accidents or damage caused by your company vehicles.

Different types of tree contractors insurance might include:

  • General liability for property damage and bodily injury sustained during tree service
  • Professional liability (also referred to as Errors & Omissions) for claims of negligence, incorrect advice or recommended services that result in a loss to the customer
  • Product liability for any products sold to the customer that cause damage or injury
  • Business property for commercial property and equipment (determined by variables)
  • Inland marine for equipment and cargo you transport from one job site to another
  • Commercial vehicle for company vehicles and drivers
  • Business interruption or loss of income for if you must temporarily halt operations
  • Workers compensation (required in all states) for job-related employee illness or injury and lost income

Tree Company and Landscaping Insurance: Why Hometowne?

Hometowne Insurance Services is a full-service insurance agency that serves tree contractors with specialized knowledge of how insurance works and how you can ensure the best benefits from it.

We understand what’s important to landscapers and tree service companies because we work with them daily and have been providing them coverage for more than 25 years.

Hometowne helps you determine business risk and liability and equips you with the correct tree service insurance based on that assessment. We also know the importance of having your certificate of insurance quickly so you can submit your project bid. You need your surety bond turned around swiftly as well. We can often have your certificate ready in one hour and your bond prepared on the same day.

Right Coverage, Right Price, Right Agency

No matter the size of your company, if you need tree service or landscaping insurance or think you’re paying too much for a current policy, we are here to serve you with solutions that keep your work moving. Contact us at (630) 554-4040 to discuss your insurance options for your tree or landscaping company.