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Drilling Equipment and Liability Insurance

Directional Boring

If you are a contractor who provides directional boring/drilling (also known as underground boring or horizontal or trenchless directional drilling), you know the importance of proper insurance coverage. It secures your project contract and gives you peace of mind while you are working.

Hometowne Insurance provides directional boring/drilling contractors with thorough equipment and general liability coverage reinforced by swift service and competitive pricing.

The Value of Directional Boring / Drilling Equipment

Directional boring/drilling has proven its worth as a steerable trenchless method for installing underground pipes, conduits and cables.

Evolving steadily during the last 20 years, underground boring has become increasingly popular for both civic and residential projects, as well as for phone, utility and cable companies. In urban areas, it is often less expensive than methods such as microtunneling, jack & bore and open trenching.

Directional boring equipment also contributes to local goodwill because of its minimal environmental impact. It suits different soil conditions and a variety of jobs including road and landscape.

Cities/Villages, homeowners and companies now look to trenchless directional drilling equipment for installing everything from pipes and cables to service connections for buildings and homes. It is particularly ideal for installations that do not require precise grades.

Directional boring/drilling equipment allows contractors to get utilities from one point to another without destroying the ground or any obstacles between the points. It further outperforms traditional trenching by connecting services and utilities in places where excavating is not possible or practical.

Directional Boring / Drilling Equipment Insurance: Why Hometowne?

Hometowne Insurance Services is a full-service insurance agency that serves contractors with specialized knowledge of how insurance works and how you can ensure the best benefits from it.

We have been helping contractors acquire the right insurance since the day we opened. Independently owned like many of our customers, we understand your goal to make the smartest and most efficient use of finances for business operations.

Agent Tim Leverich leads the Hometowne team with a contracting background. This positions us to know what you need to secure a project and be properly covered.

Our leadership in horizontal/trenchless drilling equipment insurance goes beyond dedicated, knowledgeable service. We also offer you timely turnaround: We can often have your certificate of insurance ready in one hour and your surety bond prepared on the same day.

Right Coverage, Right Price, Right Agency

If you need directional boring/drilling equipment insurance or think you’re paying too much for a current policy, we are here to serve you with solutions that keep your work moving. Contact us at (630) 554-4040 to discuss your insurance options for underground boring equipment.