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Plainfield, IL

When you’re looking for personal or commercial insurance in Plainfield, you want to know you’re considering the right range of options. Rates and plans can vary greatly, so you might not be aware if you’re getting the best coverage at the lowest available rate.

A full-service, family-owned business, Hometowne Insurance specializes in insurance for Plainfield, IL. We maintain relationships with at least 10 different carriers to ensure that you benefit from the most competitive rates and plans.

Home/Auto Insurance – Plainfield, IL

At Hometowne, we work for you – not the insurance companies. Our goal is to help protect you from expensive damage and loss, beginning with your house.

Your home is your sanctuary, so knowing it’s well insured provides priceless peace of mind. Our home insurance for Plainfield covers an array of risks such as fire, hail, wind and a backed-up sump pump. It can also safeguard you from losses due to theft and vandalism.

We’re always here to assist with insurance for your home, condo or mobile home. We offer renters insurance as well.

Having the right insurance for your car is likewise important. Some people can drive for a lifetime without as much as a dent on a fender. But the truth is we can never predict an accident, even if we’re careful.

Whether minor or large, repairs can be costly. Hometowne’s auto insurance for Plainfield offers affordable plans for coverage on the road. You can also insure your watercraft, motor home, motorcycle or sport/recreational vehicle.

Contact us at 630-554-4040 or to request a quote for your home or auto insurance in Plainfield. We’ll review attractive options from competing companies and help you choose what’s best for you.

Commercial Insurance – Plainfield, IL

Owning or running a business is big responsibility with many different tasks. Businesses are also vulnerable to potentially expensive risks. The last thing you want to worry about is a large financial hit you’re not prepared for.

Hometowne Insurance offers excellent choices of commercial coverage in areas such as liability, worker’s comp and company auto. Our knowledge, relationships and resources give you access to the insurance choices you need at competing rates.

Banks, florists, restaurants, machine shops, carpenters and hardware stores are but a few of the businesses we help to protect.

Entrust your commercial coverage to experts who care. Contact us at 630-554-4040 or for more information about your options in Plainfield.

Specialty Insurance – Plainfield, IL

Insurance is available for items not typically covered by standard policies. Do you have a unique insurance requirement in Plainfield, such as pet care, pest control or tree care? Contact us at 630-554-4040 or for more details about our specialty insurance.